why become catholic?

A Calling Like No Other

Faith life in our modern society can be so confusing sometimes, particularly when so many people say that truth can never be known. Or rather what is true for one person may not actually be true for someone else. This relativism in our culture makes us feel it is incredibly difficult to commit to any sense of belief.

This is where the role of the Holy Spirit comes in. Our ability to believe is not simply a trick of the mind, but rather it is an encounter with the Living God whose name is Jesus Christ. Faith in Jesus Christ is not just a series of “whats” but faith is in a “who,” a person who truly wants to have a personal and living relationship with us. And not only does He want us for Himself, He also wants us to be in union with his Body, which is fully expressed in the Church.

Here in our parish consortium, we have a process called “RCIA,” which stands for “Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.” It is a time where people who are being invited into a deeper relationship with Christ and His Church can spend time to learn more about the faith. To quote the series that we use, Credo, “the treasure [of Catholic faith] is not just information but a way of life that takes time to grow into.” Just like each of us is different, each person’s journey is unique and filled with adventure!

If you are interested in becoming Catholic, please fill out an inquiry form! I will reach out to you and take the time to speak with you to see how the Lord is drawing you into relationship with Him!

Father Nic Ventura